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Welcome to my other website, a far more personal site, the one that I would not showcase to potential employers. Prudence has led me to display only G and PG rated drawings at the moment, but they are still more appropriate for here than my more "corporate" site.

Whether you like my work or hate it, you cannot deny that I have a distinct style. I purchased this domain so that I could let said style run free, be it in the form of ultra-feminine women with overdeveloped chests or sleazy men with overdeveloped chins.

Maybe someday my work will spread, like kudzu, and in the future you will all be saying at one time or another, "Ah! That looks just like a Dubb drawing." or "He is a hack artist, a poor man's Ruth Dubb." Stranger things have happened.

On October 2, 2010, I completed and have posted an animated video for an electronic song entitled "Luna Blue" written by Joe "Cool" Simmons. The subject matter was made for me.

On April 15, 2009, I completed and have posted an animated video for a rap song entitled "Land of the Blunts" written by DC Scorpio and mixed by Steve Franco.

I have recently redesigned my site. I created the drawings in the background (and I can hear every web design teacher screaming "Too busy!") in 2003 while I was an office temp. I used printer/copier paper that already had useless stuff printed on it and black sharpies. I attempted to make them all fit together but was only partially successful. Cubicles were not designed for such tomfoolery.


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