Men and Women

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Dancing People

"Dancing People" ©1996 Ruth Dubb

"Inspired by Middletons in Annapolis" ©1996 Ruth Dubb

Dancing by Myself

"Dancing by Myself" ©2006 Ruth Dubb

Bar Dancing

"Bar Dancing" ©2000 Ruth Dubb

Whistling Girl

"Panel from Storyboard for 'Whistling Girl' Animatic" ©2005 Ruth Dubb

The Conversation

"The Conversation" ©2008 Ruth Dubb

Pearls and Workboots

"Pearls and Workboots" ©2007 Ruth Dubb

Cool Dude in Charcoal

"Cool Dude in Charcoal" ©1998 Ruth Dubb

Tough Guy

"Tough Guy" ©1998 Ruth Dubb

3 Women

"Three Women" ©1999 Ruth Dubb

Willowy Woman

"Willowy Woman" ©2006 Ruth Dubb

drawings with gags
drawings of my cats mostly
People I know or people I've seen
drawings of men and women together or alone