Real People

These drawings are of people who exist in real life. Some are close friends and family members. Some are complete strangers. Click on image for full size

"Hillbilly" ©2007 Ruth Dubb


"Larry" ©2007 Ruth Dubb

Too Good to Pass up

"Too Good to Pass Up" ©2002 Ruth Dubb

Family at Airport

"Family at Airport" ©2006 Ruth Dubb

Joseph Banuelos

"Joseph Banuelos" ©2008 Ruth Dubb

Erica, Worried

"Erica, Worried" ©2008 Ruth Dubb

Vince, my stepfather

"Vince" ©2004 Ruth Dubb

My Mother

"My Mother" ©2004 Ruth Dubb

Punk Kid

"Punk Kid seen on Metro" ©2004 Ruth Dubb

Kilo Bravo

"Kilo Bravo" ©2008 Ruth Dubb

Brian Conway

"Brian Conway" ©2008 Ruth Dubb

Matthew Banuelos

"Matthew Banuelos" ©2009 Ruth Dubb

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